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Vaporizers are not as simple as they seem Why?

It would seem that what could be simpler than replacing the evaporator? We simply buy the necessary consumables for our tank, and then install and use it. However, this article would not be published if this were true. And today we will dispel a couple of common myths!

Devices with replaceable evaporators and cartridges attract novice vapors with their simplicity. Very often, these users, deceived by this belief, choose for themselves something completely different from what they need. Everything is aggravated by the firm belief of numerous inexperience sellers of vape shops and tobacco shops in the same theses. They cannot understand what they are doing wrong. But everything is so simple…

Some companies produce only a couple of types of consumables for their devices. However, most manufacturers still strive for versatility. Because of this, you may be faced with a choice of a dozen different evaporators or cartridges, almost identical in appearance, but completely different inside. How not to drown in this diversity?

Let’s dissect this topic and try to understand how to choose the right consumables correctly. Yes, all the points are as simple as possible, but you might not even think about them yourself. Naturally, this material will be more useful to beginners. However, we will try to improve the knowledge of experienced users (and especially those same sellers). So, sit back, let’s start!

Selection of resistance

It’s worth starting by choosing the vaping style you want. If we look at this issue in general terms, we will have only two options for using the device. The first is more conservative – low power, small amount of steam, very strong liquids. The second option is more aimed at obtaining taste rather than results – high power, a large amount of steam, and low-strength liquid.

Once you’ve chosen your option, we can move on to the vaporizers themselves. Each consumable has a designation of its resistance (Ohm), and we need exactly this indicator. The higher the resistance, the less steam you will receive, but at the same time, your device will last longer on a single charge. For this reason, this format is more economical but requires “something stronger” (6 mg/ml and above). Accordingly, the lower the resistance, the more power your device will deliver. Strong e-liquids in this format will give you an excessive amount of nicotine, so if the resistance is low, it is better to use something calmer (up to 3 mg/ml).

So, let’s summarize. In the low-power format, we will need evaporators and cartridges with a resistance of 0.7 Ohm and higher. In the high-power format, we will need consumables from 0.5 Ohm and below. The interval from 0.5 to 0.7 Ohm is somewhere in between these strips.

Blowing and everything connected with it

Now we must select the puff we need. As you can guess, the more steam our device produces, the more space we need for it to pass through. Moreover, if there is insufficient steam, it will simply “drown” in the currents of excess air, and you will not get any decent taste. The higher the resistance, the narrower the evaporator shaft we need. It would be best if you continued within the framework of this rule.

The “tightness” of the tightening on the device depends on two global factors:

  1. Self-adjustment of the device. On some devices, you can control the amount of air supplied to the evaporator. Yes, often this does not work fully, but it already gives some kind of variability.
  2. Evaporator shaft dimensions. Everything is as simple as possible here. The larger the air inlet and outlet holes on the evaporator, the looser the draw will be.

Grid or spiral

Here we come to the most interesting point on our list. The heating element inside your evaporator can be made in two formats – coil and mesh. Most reviewers and users preach the opinion that mesh evaporators are much tastier than “spiral” ones, and you should always pay attention to them. However, they are wrong. Or at least they interpret the question incorrectly.

What is better, spirals or mesh? The answer to this question depends on the taste of the liquids you are going to use. So, the mesh is much better suited to fruit, berry, dessert, and other similar flavors, which it makes “fuller” and sweeter. However, the mesh on all fronts loses to the spirals in revealing tobacco, woody, herbal, and other neutral flavors. On the grid, such liquids feel very lubricated and indistinct, which is simply unacceptable, especially since the taste transfer of unmaintained consumables is much weaker than that of serviced ones. Therefore, if you need tobacco, mint, pine, and other herbaceous flavors, your choice is the spiral.

Soak ability and liquids

We have chosen the mode, power, and taste, but what to do now? Now it’s time to choose the liquid format! Contrary to the common misconception of inexperienced users, the liquid is divided not only into “salt” and “regular”. In modern realities, the liquid is determined by two parameters – the base’s composition and the nicotine type. It’s worth saying right away that the type of nicotine does not make any difference to us, since practically nothing technical depends on it, except your sensations and “stool.”

The modern market concentrates on 5 common compositions:

  • 50VG/50PG
  • 60VG/40PG
  • 70VG/30PG
  • 80VG/20PG
  • Max VG

These compositions indicate the ratio of glycerol (first digit, %) to propylene glycol (second digit, %) in the liquid. The more glycerol in a liquid, the thicker it is. Such liquids are more viscous and produce more vapor, but they saturate the evaporators much more slowly. If the liquid supply level is low, the evaporator will starve, “burn” faster, and fail. Propylene glycol is responsible for the “throat hit” and liquids with a high ratio of it can be used in low impregnation conditions. If this supply rate is high, such liquids will flow onto your coil in excess. Because of this, the evaporator may heat up, “shoot” and simply leak


We immediately dismiss the 80VG/20PG and Max VG compositions, since they are not at all suitable for maintenance-free consumables due to their thickness. Liquids 70VG/30PG are suitable for evaporators and cartridges with powerful spiral and large liquid intake holes. At the same time, 50VG/50PG will be an excellent choice for lovers of low-power and stronger liquid. And, yes, 50VG/50PG liquids are not only saline. They can be found on quite decent alkaline nicotine without such unnecessarily high strengths.

Based on the average of the entire evaporator market, 50VG/50PG liquids can be used on variations with resistance above 0.6 Ohm, and 70VG/30PG liquids can be used below 0.6 Ohm. The 60VG/40PG composition remains an average variation, “neither here nor there.”

Decent and high-quality vaporizers

The last point of our choice will be the practical side of the issue. Try to choose devices from proven and proven manufacturers who will not leave you without consumables in difficult times. Also choose favor of common evaporator formats that are used in other devices (for example, the same MIGHTY, CRAFTY, etc.). if you want to buy decent and high-quality vaporizers then use Storz & bickel discount code and get the vaporizer according to your need. Don’t be fooled by the low price of outdated devices and try to find something newer. On the other hand, you can use the promo code of savingArena and get an exclusive discount. Perhaps behind the tempting price is the unavailability or complete absence of consumables for the device.

Yes, consumables will not be produced forever in any case. However, with this tactic, you will have a chance to “hold out longer” until they completely disappear from the shelves.

I hope this article helped you understand this issue in as much detail as possible. Make your choice wisely, and don’t rush to take the word of an incomprehensible (and sometimes inexperienced) person in a vape shop. This way, and only this way, you will get maximum pleasure from vaping!

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